5 Fluffy Cat Breeds

While most of our feline friends have some kind of fluff factor to them (except, you know, the hairless kinds), it’s a given that certain breeds of cat are fluffier than others.

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Grooming is an integral part of taking care of our feline companions. It’s important to teach our cats as kittens to get used to a comb or brush, and to groom our cats frequently – depending on the length of their coat – to prevent hairballs. Proper grooming sessions are also a great opportunity to inspect your cat’s coat and skin for any changes, scratches, abscesses or disorders. Finding your cat’s favorite place for grooming – like your lap or favorite spot on the floor – will make things infinitely easier for the primping sessions, too.

We consulted with the Cat Fanciers’ Association to find out which breeds of cat are actually known to be the fluffiest. If you’re planning on bringing home one of these five breeds in the near future, you better go out and buy a FURminator.


Persian cat

The Persian breed is probably best known for their long-flowing, luxurious coats and their sweet and gentle personalities. That’s probably why they’ve been the No.1 breed in popularity for the Cat Fanciers’ Association for more than 30 years. Their long coats require indoor, protected environments, along with daily maintenance including a daily run-through with a comb to eliminate tangles and hairballs.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Main Coon was first recognized as a specific breed in Maine, where it was named the official cat of the state. Today, the breed is known for its sturdy, rugged appearance, including their shaggy coat with three distinct lengths and their long, well-furnished tail.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The large, semi-long haired Norwegian Forest Cat has a rugged appearance that’s just perfect for its name. These cats are moderately active, sensitive and intelligent, and their coat does not require the care that’s necessary of some of their companions that share the longhair breed distinction. Weekly combing session, with a little extra attention in the springtime, should cover it.


Ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are known for their interest in their human companions, often running to greet their owners at the door, following them from room to room and generally choosing to be with them all the time. Their semi long coat is plush and silky, and it requires minimal grooming to keep it looking its best.


Siberian cat

Siberians are known to be personable, fearless and easygoing. They are a natural breed whose dense, medium to long, water repellent triple coat reflects the climate from which they came. Their coat is accented with a ruff around the neck, full fluffy britches and a bushy tail, normally carried high with pride.


Original text by Cheryl Lock

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