15 Reasons Why Having a Dog in the Office is the Best Idea Ever

Dogs are great. They’re man’s best friend, after all. So why shouldn’t they be allowed in the office?

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Anyone who has a dog at home would probably love nothing more than to bring the little guy to work.

But did you know that there are scientifically proven reasons why having a dog in the office is actually beneficial for employees?

For a start, dogs have been proven to lower stress levels and we’re often at our most stressful when we’re at work. How calming would it be to have your dog right there beside you when you’re feeling the pressure?

Aside from being natural stress relievers, dogs also need their exercise, so taking him or her for a walk at lunchtime will encourage those who are often chained to their desk to get up and out into the fresh air.

It’s not just taking the dog for a walk that will give you a break either. Employees should really take regular breaks, even small ones, to keep them focused and productive but, more importantly, healthy.

Having a dog in the office to play with or even just pet for five minutes will give your mind the break it needs to recharge and perk up for the tasks ahead.

From a company point of view, a dog in the office can actually help organisations retain its staff. As general morale and workplace happiness will be kept up and stress levels are lowered, staff are naturally more likely to stay.

If an office is pet-friendly, it may also help recruit some top talent. What employee wouldn’t be a little swayed by a company that’s offering an opportunity to bring your dog to work?

For more reasons why a dog in the office is the best idea ever (as if you need them), check out the infographic below.

Dog in the office

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