15 Facts About Tibetan Mastiffs Which Will Fascinate You To Have One

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The Tibetan mastiff breed is a favorite of many big-dog fans. They not only reach impressive sizes, but they also have one of the thickest, fluffiest coats around, which makes them look even bigger than they actually are.

But before you add any dog to your family, you must learn about the breed to ensure it is a good fit for your family.

Here are some interesting facts about Tibetan mastiffs which will definitely make you have one.

1. Reliable and patient

These strong willed dogs are self-reliant and they take control of every critical situation. Tibetan mastiffs are quite calm and quiet unless someone is willing to provoke. This animal can set a good example of patience. The quality of being patient with its own children and family pets is appreciable.

Tibetan Mastiff With small dog

2. They guard best

The Tibetan mastiffs prefer to stay outside where he can look after his territory. Unlike others they also have an impressive bark which they often use during night. Two Tibetan mastiffs together can take down a lion.

Tibetan Mastiffs_2

3. Long and tall body

In most of the cases a Tibetan mastiffs have long and tall body. They are light footed and eyes look like those of an old man.

Tibetan Mastiff_3

4. Make them exercise regularly to avoid boredom

Everybody loves fresh air and if you leave them just like that, they will leave and get accustomed to lazy environment.

Tibetan Mastiff on walk

5. Happy indoor animal

Tibetan mastiffs love their family most however they hardly expose it but they love spending time with them and protect them. One can blindly trust over that because they have been guarding people and property for more than 2000 years.

Tibetan mastiff

6. Prefer cold climate

Tibetan mastiffs are not good with extremely hot or humid environment but that doesn’t mean that they can’t live in hot environment they can but they can but they require proper access to air–conditioned facilities.

Tibetan Mastiff In Snow

7. Devoted to the family

Tibetan mastiffs are emotional in nature and it will not be good idea to argue with your spouse in front of mastiffs.

Tibetan mastiffs with family

8. Don’t mess with them

The best part of them are they are quite intellectual they learn things quickly they might not obey because they are to protect you. They may act aggressively towards other dogs of same sex.

Angry Tibetan Mastiff

9. Fenced yard is required

Tibetan mastiffs are guardian breed weather it is a open yard or acreage these dogs have tendency to roam around and no breeder wants o hear any grieving news about his or her dog that it has been hit by a car or attacked by any wild animal. So precaution is better than cure.

Tibetan Mastiffs inside fence

10. Good at obeying their master

Tibetan mastiffs are not good when it comes to keeping the stranger away from the house only with the consent of owner they let the people in.

Tibetan Mastiff with master

11. Actively watches during night

At times people wonder they are lazy and dumb during day but it’s not like that. They save their energy for night patrolling, which is their inherent trait.

Tibetan Mastiff at night

12. Heavy coat around their neck

They look no less than bunch of fur, their look might fool you with that of lion, their under coat is perfect for them to handle all kinds of weather.

Tibetan Mastiff_12

13. Slow maturing breed

Tibetan mastiffs are slow maturing breed and giant like animal. They have long life span around 14 years and they take time to get matured but when it comes to females they mature a little quicker than males certainly they take 4-7 years to get physically matured.

tibetan mastiff

14. Help them socialize

They are great companion for people and that too they could be for those allergic people. He could be more reliable to many people if we take them to new places and make them meet new people this will make them adjust in all situations.

Group of Tibetan Mastiff

 15. Instinct of killing birds

Tibetan mastiffs have a special affinity for chasing, catching and killing birds. Birds in you neighbor may bot like you if you have a Tibetan mastiff at your home.

Fierce Tibetan Mastiff

When you bring a Tibetan mastiff home, you bring love and affection for many years.

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